Political Yard Signs

Can’t make up your mind on how your new political yard sign should look and feel?

We have you covered, just pick from one of our many political yard sign templates below. We have several designs to choose from, or you can use ideas from one template, and combine it with another template. The choice is yours, you can still have a custom design made to your specifications, or get your new political signage lightning fast with one of our ready-made designs! You can use multiple colors or have a template changed to just one color. (NOTE: Please refer to the template design numbers when corresponding and placing orders)

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NOTE:  All dimensions called out on our products are nominal.  According to availability of products some actual sizes might vary slightly from stated norms.  This variation will normally be less than 5% – 10% overall and will not impair the effectiveness of the item.  If you have any concern, please ask for the actual size of the product(s) you are ordering at the time.