6 Ways Contractors Can Use Temporary Signage for Long-Lasting Impact

Potential customers need to see your name at least seven times before they connect your name with what you do and are willing to hire you. The more times you can get your business name in front of them, the better. Temporary signs are a great way to do that and inexpensive enough to fit into any window cleaner’s budget. Learn about seven ways to do that.

1. Yard Signs

Small yard signs are a great way to advertise for new business. Pick out one or two neighborhoods that you would like to do more work in and place signs near the intersection, entrances, and throughout the subdivision.

Check with the city first, however, as they may have guidelines that need to be followed as far as placement. Most cities do not restrict the use of temporary signs on street corners. Most areas, however, do not allow any temporary signage on public property and requires all signage to be removed from private property within 14 days. Knowing the laws where you live is key. Bear in mind though, the Supreme Court has ruled that if a government entity allows ANY signs, be it permanent or temporary, they MUST allow all signage.  ( Reed v. Town of Gilbert, 576 U.S. ___ (2015))

2. Job Site Signs

When you clean windows at a residence, ask if you can leave a larger, event sign in the homeowner’s yard for a few days. Neighbors are often curious. A sign that has your name, phone number, and the words, Another Happy Customer! will certainly pique their interest.

Chances are that at least one neighbor will call you and ask for an estimate simply based on the fact that their neighbor already used your services. Don’t forget to swing back by and pick up your sign in a day or two.

3. Door Hangars

Door hangars are a type of temporary sign that you simply place on the front doorknob. You can print a few thousand for a relatively small investment and have your crew walk door to door when the weather is overcast or raining. While they would rather be cleaning windows, it makes good use of their downtime when the weather is inclement and they can’t clean windows.

4. Car Magnets

If you clean windows, you need a magnet for your car or truck. Period. Car magnets are a simple and inexpensive way to market your business. People usually do not think about cleaning their windows until they see you out there. Many times, they simply do not want to walk up to you while you are working to ask for a business card so as not to disturb you.

If you have a car magnet that displays your business name and phone number or web address, people can jot it down or take a picture with their smartphone.

5. Window Clings

The easiest way to guarantee repeat customers is to put a small window cling on the kitchen window. For example, plumbers and electricians have placed their stickers on fuse boxes and hot water heaters for years. They know you will call them the next time you need servicing if the number is right there in front of them.

The same can be true of window cleaners. A window cling is easily removable and re-applicable to glass, which makes it a better option for window cleaners than a sticker.

6. Banner Signs

Whether you have a small shop where crews store ladders and pick up supplies or you have a dedicated marketing team that mans a booth at local home and garden shows, banner signs can be a useful way to use temporary outdoor signs to market your business.

The goal with any marketing plan is to be consistent. Use temporary signs as often as you can to market your window cleaning business effectively. For more information, speak to A.G.E Graphics LLC.