5 Tips for Attention-Getting Bumper Stickers

Marketing stickers come in many forms, but the best known remains the bumper sticker. The simple product has many fans, even as fewer people apply the adhesive advertisements to their vehicles. Today, stickers end up on backpacks, the windows of cars and homes, and on clothing and many other places.

Marketing stickers are a unique form of advertising that will reach a different audience, and give a different impression, than traditional advertising. Major companies, including the popular website Reddit, have had success with sticker marketing campaigns. Here are five tips to help improve your sticker designs.

#1. Use Some Color

Avoid the understated black and white designs and add a little color to draw attention. Limit the color scheme some rather than overcomplicating the design. Companies should use their branding colors while school colors work for any academic organization. Those without a dedicated color scheme can choose shades that draw attention like a bold shade of red or a sunny yellow.

#2. Edit the Design 

Plan everything that should go into the design and then remove a large part of the information. All stickers, particularly bumper stickers, convey their information almost instantly. People may return for a closer look, but they will often only glance at the sticker. Many will look from a car length away. The font must remain large enough to read easily or the advertising may fail.

#3. Decide on Importance

What is the most important thing for the people seeing the sticker to know about the company or campaign? Do the viewers need to know the date of a certain event? Does the company name need to become more familiar around the community? Is it only important to spread a message of love, humor, or whatever emotion the words on the sticker convey?

Single out the reason for the sticker and make certain it is the focus of the design. Not everything in every campaign needs to give all the details of the company. Make certain enough is available on the sticker to draw the attention of people and give them directions on where to go for more information.

#4. Think Beyond Rectangles

The traditional rectangle will almost instantly spring to mind when someone mentions bumper stickers. It is acceptable to create marketing stickers in this form, but it is not a requirement. Stickers come in any size and shape that the advertiser wants. The design may look better as a triangle, circle, or something more freeform. Feel free to create a variety of stickers in different shapes.

Not everyone wants stickers placed on the bumper of their vehicle or anywhere else on their vehicle. A variety of shapes and sizes makes marketing stickers more appealing because they do not look out-of-place if stuck to a baseball cap, bulletin board, or elsewhere. The unique shapes will encourage more people to keep a sticker and place it on their property.

#5. Choose Something Memorable

Take time with the design of any bumper sticker. Creative and memorable ad campaigns are those that have much more than basic information. Humor appeals to many people. An interesting design that makes the sticker desirable to own is another tactic. Find something that encourages people to pick up the sticker for the purpose of decorating their property.

Bumper stickers and other forms of marketing stickers have the power to reach a seemingly endless number of potential customers over many years with one small investment. At A.G.E. Graphics LLC we provide low-cost, eye-catching designs for you to sell or use as giveaways. Contact us to learn more about what we offer or fill out the form on our website for a free quote.