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Get your Message Across and be SEEN with our Large Format Coroplast Signs!

Printed on one side, Super Sized 4'x8' signs are Only $60.00 Each or get Two 4'x4' for the same price! Order 5 or more call or e-mail us for larger quantity discounts! (Shipping Not Included)

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Political yard signs can have a huge impact on your campaign and raise awareness. With political signs, your #1 goal is name recognition. The sign allows voters to see the candidate’s name over and over and over again. By having your signs sprouting in many different places, the voters will have the impression that your campaign is receiving widespread support across the district. You are someone to know! Our corrugated plastic or Coroplast Signs are a light-weight, cost effective option for those wanting a quantity of signs which are alike. Most commonly we produce these coroplast signs for political campaigns. These signs are nearly indestructible and weatherproof and certain to last for more than one campaign.

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A.G.E. Graphics LLC is your direct design and manufacturing source for election signs and promotional items for your political campaign. We use our extensive graphics experience to provide you the campaign tools that suit your style and budget - To Win Your Election!

" I didn't realize how good your lawn signs were until the opposition put theirs out -- theirs are pretty illegible. Yours, which you designed, can be seen at night, in the fog, and pretty much anytime. They're graphic and bold. It was a lucky stroke we found you! And the seasoned pol's in our group were very impressed with the price. I live in a town which, until very recently, forbade lawn signs....these are making such a splash that people are more focused on the signs than the campaign!

Thank you
Kit Schackner

Money talks, your campaign’s financial situation will dictate how many signs you can purchase. Will you be able to dominate the district in signs, or will you only be able to afford a few dozen signs to last you through the entire campaign? National, regional, county, or local elections - get your message out with great looking campaign signs. Order political signs that give you a good bang for your campaign buck!

NEW!!! Political Yard Sign Templates, Click Here!

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Order your new yard signs now.
"My yard signs came in today and they look great. You guys did a great job and so fast! I just approved the proof on Sunday night and I got my signs today (Wednesday). That is nothing short of miraculous. Your pricing was the best around too so I was not sure what your quality and service would be like but it was the best too."

Cliff Reid

Lawn signs are one of the most visible features of an election campaign. They are small signs placed on the lawns of a candidate's supporters. Signs are also often placed on lamp posts and larger signs may stand next to busy intersections. Lawn signs are often also placed near polling places on election day, although in most jurisdictions, there are legal restrictions on campaigning within a certain distance from a voting facility.

Lawn signs are considered an important element of any local campaign. They are a cheap and effective method of making a candidate known in their district. As a rule of thumb it is said that each lawn sign in a district represents six votes. A campaign's field staff are usually responsible for coordinating a campaign's lawn signs.

Lawn signs generally contain the name of the candidate, their party, and the office for which they are running. Extras like slogans or the date of the election are sometimes added; these tend to distract the viewer from the main message, however. Symbols of the party are also popular. Whether a sign should have the photo of the candidate is an important concern. An attractive photo can lead voters to identify with the candidate; on the other hand, signs with photos are usually more expensive to produce, and are far more likely to be vandalized, which can have a negative effect. Most signs also have a notice stating who paid for it, but it is usually in small text that is much less noticeable. This notice is often required by campaign finance laws.

To draw the attention of a passersby, lawn signs feature bold, high contrast colors and large fonts. The colors are usually those of the candidate's party. Choosing colors is important: white signs do not work well in winter, and green signs on lawns will be far less visible. Generally, it is important not to pick the same colors as an opponent. However, there may be a value in creating confusion especially for a challenger.

Source:  GNU Free Documentation


* A.G.E. Graphics LLC or their film manufacturers make no warranties either expressed or implied as to the suitability and  installation practices of our customers.

Many variables can shorten life, prematurely degrade material and otherwise affect the life of our product.  Our total liability is limited to replacement of original product.

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