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A.G.E. Graphics LLC specializes in yard signs, riders, yard stakes, and directional signs for the mortgage loan company profession.

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Order your new yard signs now.

Our yard signs are printed with High Gloss UV inks that will weather probably much longer than they will be needed and look absolutely great.  This means that after an election or promotion, our signs can be gathered up, stored and used again and again whenever the situation dictates.  Single side printed, double side printed, single or multiple colors are not a problem.  We also have some of the best prices on wire stakes anywhere.  

The most popular material is corrugated plastic,  but we print coated card stock (for shorter term outdoor use), PVC, polystyrene and many other materials suitable for indoor or outdoor environments.

Please do not forget about our custom magnetic signs. Below are some great reasons why!

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Magnetic Mortgage Signs:

One of the best decisions you can make if you're originating mortgages is to invest in a quality set of magnetic car signs. Now...I know what you're're not sure you'll like the look. Well, if that's true, you need to shop around a little bit and have a real professional, design and create your signs.

Before you click the "back" button or the big red "X" to close this subject for ever, let's take a minute and review some of the advantages of using this type of advertising:

1. This is a non-reoccurring expense. Just make a single one-time purchase payment and the signs are yours. There's no need to make a payment each and every month as would be required with a continuing classified ad in a newspaper or real estate magazine.

2. The signs are removable. Today, many homeowner, condo, and townhouse associations restrict and/or specify what types of vehicles and advertising is permitted in the complex. Since magnetic signs are easily removed...this solves the problem. It only takes seconds to add or remove your advertising from your vehicle.

3. Your signs can be attractive and eye-catching. Isn't that the whole purpose of your advertising? You want to stand-out from the rest and have your message noticed. Here's the key...spend some time planning the layout of your signs. Don't leave it entirely to the sign company. You know the mortgage business and the message you want to convey. You need to be 100% pro-active in the design phase. Remember to request and then review a proof before your signs go into production.

4. Your signs are low maintenance and have a long life. Yes...just follow the instructions that come with your signs. Every sixty days or so, the signs need to be removed, cleaned with warm soapy water, and then air dried. My signs have lasted for years and are as good as the day they were purchased.

5. This is a great origination idea. We're not talking about hundreds of dollars here.

6. Your signs generate an immediate response. You don't have to wait for publication dates and delivery dates required with other forms of advertising. If you've got a good'll get calls immediately. Many times I have even received phone calls from people driving next to me wanting to know if they would qualify and seeking more information.

Now that's what I call an immediate response! Believe me...the signs do work and they are well worth your investment. Most calls you receive will come in that evening, which is still a great response. Your signs will pay for themselves many times over. Go for it!

Hmmm...just think...with such a nominal cost...and, if your friends and family would could have a whole fleet of cars running around town displaying your mortgage message and cell phone number. Not bad! Not bad at all!


About the Author: Tom Domin has over twenty-five years of experience in sales and training in Real Estate and as a Licensed Mortgage Broker. He is currently publisher of "Tom's Mortgage Tips" a twice monthly Mortgage Newsletter for Mortgage Professionals. You can sign-up by visiting

Order your very own magnetic signs and start getting results Now!


* A.G.E. Graphics LLC or their film manufacturers make no warranties either expressed or implied as to the suitability and  installation practices of our customers.

Many variables can shorten life, prematurely degrade material and otherwise affect the life of our product.  Our total liability is limited to replacement of original product.

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